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Explore this page to learn how I've used my passion for making science accessible to educate and engage communities in interesting ways

Outreach: Welcome

The Dog Days of Science

Event creator, organizer, and leader

Serving as the organizer and event leader, myself and the students of PAPER (Promoting Applied Physiology Education and Research) created a unique experience for children and adults alike to learn about anatomy and physiology. At the 2019 Atlanta Science Festival, PAPER partnered with the LifeLine Animal Project of Atlanta to explain the habits of the adoptable dogs present, as well as facts about canine biomechanics, sight, hearing, and more!

Outreach: Video

Communicating Science Through...punk rock?

Creative team member, extra, and makeup artist

As a member of STEMcomm, a group committed to communicating science in engaging ways, I had the privilege of being a creative team member (as well as an extra and on-set makeup artist!) on this project. This music video for Leucine Zipper and the Zinc Fingers explains genetic modification in a fun and accessible way.

Outreach: Video

Escape Labs

Creative team member and volunteer

As a member of STEMcomm, a group dedicated to communicating science to the public, I helped to create science-themed escape rooms for patrons of the Atlanta Science Festival.

Outreach: Image


President of Promoting Applied Physiology Education and Research (2018-Present)

PAPER is a student group focused on science outreach and professional development. As president, I have created and organized outreach and professional events to ensure that both Georgia Tech students and the greater Atlanta community understand what Applied Physiology is and what we do.

Outreach: Video
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